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How to Travel and Get Around Upland

Please feel free to search for your Travel Route in Upland by selecting your starting city and destination city below. 

* Your results will display both the fastest and lowest cost routes for your travel destination.

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The Interactive Map is currently being updated as Upland adds new Partnerships & MetaVentures.

Map Key:

Terminals & Tracks   MetaVentures 
Train Terminal ———-       BE Shops 
  Plane Terminal ———-  NFLPA Shops & Stadiums 
   Hyperloop  ———-                                 NFLPA Fan Shops 
Send   ———-  

Move around the Interactive Map below, you can also make selections from the side bar listings for direct access to the location.
* You can now use the FILTER Icon on the map in the top right corner

Upland Travel takes the mystery out of getting around Upland while rewarding its members with Rewards, Tool and More!

   How does it work?

You can build up your Travel Rewards in a number of ways:

  • Being active on Upland.Travel, Discord and Social Media

    * Participate in our various contests, giveaways and events

    * Helping grow our community through civil minded principals

    * Travel with Upland.Travel


When you travel in Upland, you have a choice which Terminals you decide to frequent and each time you visit one of the Upland Travel Terminals, you will earn valuable Points, Miles & Rewards!

  • Your free Upland Travel Membership enables you to earn Upland Travel Rewards, Points, Exclusive Event Ticketing, Tools and more.
  • With the growth of Upland and its Community, you will see that we are continuing to add new routes, Metaventures, locations and other notable venues.
    * “Own Your Membership tm  Coming Soon

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